white dwarf cover
content of the issue number:  6   month:  March   year:  2014

Gamearmytopiccolumnarticle content
warhammer 40kchaos marinesnew releases ----- hellbrute - attack force
warhammer 40kchaos marinesnew book ----- codex: crimson slaughter
warhammer 40k ----- novels & digital ----- visions of heresy - art book
warhammer 40kchaos marinesnovels & digital ----- how to paint the hellbrute - ebook
warhammer 40kimperial knighttactics ----- using imperial knights in war
warhammer 40kchaos marinestactics ----- using the hellbrute in war
warhammer 40kchaos marinespaintingpaint splatterblack legion hellbrute: gold trim - metal - flesh - armour - horns - plasma vents
warhammer 40kchaos marinespaintingpaint splatterthousand sons hellbrute: flesh - gun casing - armour - silver - eyes horns - gold
warhammer 40kchaos marinesmodellingsprues and glueconverting mutated chaos space marines
warhammer 40kchaos marinesgeneral ----- designers notes - hellbrute and crimson slaughter
warhammer 40kimperial knightpaintingthis week in WDknights in 'eavy metal - painting tips
warhammer fbogre kingdomgamingthis week in WDweapon of the week - leadbelcher gun
warhammer 40kchaos marinespaintingthis week in WDreader's model - chaos terminator lord conversion
warhammer fbwood elvesmodellingthis week in WDbit of the week - curious owl
warhammer 40kchaos marinesbackgroundcodex: apocrypharenegade warband: red corsairs - the foresworn