white dwarf cover
content of the issue number:  26   month:  July   year:  2014

Gamearmytopiccolumnarticle content
warhammer 40kspace wolvesnew releases ----- stormfang gunship - stormwolf
warhammer 40kchaos marinesnovels & digital ----- hrus heresy: the purge - novel
warhammer 40kspace wolvesnovels & digital ----- wolves of fenris - novel
warhammer 40kspace wolvesnew releases ----- the fang - spray undercoat
warhammer fborcs and goblinsnew releases ----- forgeworld - troll hag
warhammer 40k ----- new book ----- imperial armour: volume four
warhammer 40kinquisitionbackgroundcodex: apocryphathe morsolean cataclysm
warhammer 40kspace wolvesbackground ----- the great companies
warhammer 40kspace wolvespaintingpaint splatterstormfang: gray armour - gold details - black panels - pack markings - skulls & scrolls
warhammer 40kspace wolvesrules ----- stormwolf & stormfang
warhammer 40kspace wolvesgeneral ----- designers notes - stormfang & stormwolf
warhammer 40kspace wolvesbackgroundthis week in WDfenris, world of ice and death
warhammer 40kspace wolvespaintingthis week in WDpack markings
the hobbitevilmodellingthis week in WDbit of the week - dead orc
the hobbitevilpaintingthis week in WDreader's model - buhrdur troll
warhammer 40kspace wolvespaintingthis week in WDhow did they do that? - runes
the hobbitevilgamingthis week in WDweapon of the week - troll spoon
warhammer 40k ----- backgroundcodex: apocryphadeath worlds: catachan - krieg - gheistos - zel secundus