white dwarf cover
content of the issue number:  24   month:  July   year:  2014

Gamearmytopiccolumnarticle content
warhammer 40k ----- new releases ----- stormsclaw - new box set with rules
warhammer 40korksnew releases ----- grukk face-rippa
warhammer 40kspace wolvesnew releases ----- krom dragongaze
warhammer 40k ----- novels & digital ----- the unremembered empire & vengeful spirit - novels
warhammer 40kchaos marinesnew releases ----- mortarion the reaper - forge world
----- ----- gaming ----- unofficial rules of engagement with poker cards by jervis
warhammer 40k ----- gaming ----- 3 stormcalw scenarios
warhammer 40korkspaintingpaint splattergrukk face-rippa: flesh - eyes - squig flesh - teeth - gold
warhammer 40kspace wolvespaintingpaint splatterkrom dragongaze: power armour - axe - metal - cloack - flesh - gem - hair
warhammer 40kimperial knightrules ----- datasheet: gerantius
warhammer 40k ----- backgroundthis week in WDgrukk vs krom: the birth of a rivality
warhammer fbempiremodellingthis week in WDbit of the week - hour glass
warhammer 40knecronmodellingthis week in WDweapon of the week - resurrection orb
warhammer fb ----- backgroundcodex: apocryphacunning plans: betrayal at calth - killing nagash - vect's rise to power
warhammer 40kdark eldarpaintingthis week in WDtalos